Tri-State Martial Arts Center


Tri-State Martial Arts Center provides martial arts training & life coaching in

Collierville, Germantown, Cordova, Memphis Communities.

Shotokan Karatedo - Yoseikan Budo - Kickboxing - Kobudo

We have group classes, private lessons and remote learning opportunities.

Come find your path at Tri-State Martial Arts!

612 Poplar Ave, Collierville, TN 38017

(901) 281-7766

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Martial Arts Training & Life Coaching

"Marshall Porter's TMAC has made such an impact on my son's life.  He has not only provided him with top notch Karate instruction, but has taught him the fundamentals of son has gained self-confidence, self-respect and an overall sense of LEADERSHIP.  TMAC and Mr Porter are 1 of the greatest role models my son will ever have in his adolescent years."  -Candy P., Administrator

"Marshall, TMAC's Chief instructor, has not only been my Karate Instructor for nine years, but also my close friend...His vast knowledge and patience make him the ideal instructor.  Count on him to push you to your maximum, but not past your limits.  He is excellent with students providing a combination of caring discipline and fun that brings out the best in them.  I would strongly recommend Marshall's TMAC to any parent searching for martial arts lessons for their child.  I would also recommend TMAC to any adult looking for lessons as well!"  Skip R., School Counselor

"I have been at TMAC for many years with my two daughters...Marshall teaches LEADERSHIP skills to the youth and helps all students achieve their personal best.  He makes learning Karate fun and creates an environment where everyone works together to help each other succeed in a positive caring environment.  The skills my daughters and I have learned at TMAC have not only made us better at Karate, but made us better people as well.  Cathy M.  CPA and School Board Member

"It is my pleasure to have known Sensei Porter's TMAC for nearly ten years.  I have found him to be a teacher of the highest caliber.  He knows his art and cares deeply about every student.  I have been honored to teach him and deeply honored that he teaches me.  I know teaching.  It is what I do professionally at the collegiate level.  You will not find a more professional and compassionate teacher.  I can honestly tell anyone who will listen, there is no finer Sensei or finer friend to be found anywhere.  Though I am in Texas, I train with Sensei Porter often and am humbled that he lets me be a part of Tri-State Martial Arts Center."

Dr. Phil F.  Licensed Master Social Worker, Professional Psychotherapist