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Finding where you need to go.

There are tons of people who are simply not happy.  Most of the time, it's from the running they do.  Not a literal running, but from either running away from obstacles or running towards a goal wrong for them.  Life coaching is to taking a different look at life, addressing obstacles, formulating objectives for success, and then being accountable for achieving the objectives.  Let's go through the process together through the TMAC Leadership coaching program

If you're in this situation and would like executive coaching, call us today and set up an appointment.  TMAC life coaching, it helps.

"A life coach can help you find a more direct path to the goals and objectives you need for a purposeful and fulfilling life.  Marshall Porter is a life coach you can count on to help you discover those goals and objectives.  He has excellent experience in helping people achieve things often beyond what they ever dreamed possible.  He knows how to listen, he knows how to plan, and he most certainly knows how to be objective.  I fully and completely endorse, Mr. Porter and his skills.  Let him work with you and, to quote the famous author, Dr. Seuss, "Oh, the places you will go." 

Dr Phil Farmer, Licensed Master Social Worker and Professional Psychotherapist

"I didn't have much self confidence before I found TMAC Coaching seven years ago.  I have grown very close with and created a hardworking bond with Marshall Porter.  Through his coaching he... helped me become stronger, smarter, and much more self confident in my abilities.  Because of the social and learning skills I learned about myself I have found success in my life.  I have become a competitive boxer with over 34 victories.  I have a become a competitive wrestler, requested to be on the roster for more than 3 major university wrestling teams.  Why?  Because now I know what motivates the feeling of success.  I would never have obtained these skills without TMAC and especially its founder, Marshall Porter."  Andrew W.  2nd Place National Boxing Tournament, OSU wrestling team, and Karate Black Belt